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Wasting time

So on Saturday I had this strange experience. I had absentmindedly forgotten to pick up egg dye (gasp!) and ended up going to two places to find it. Well my venture landed me at Rite Aid -- a drugstore of sorts for those of you outside the US. I'm standing there in line, tapping the box, while the woman in front of me argues over some buy-one-get-one offer on a pack of paper plates. By the time the manager agrees to give the lady the discount (just to get her out of the store I'm sure), 15 minutes had passed. FIFTEEN MINUTES. I would have gone elsewhere, but the egg dye in my hand was the last in the store and who knows if I would have found another box elsewhere. I stalk out of the store angry and frustrated that anyone would waste 15 minutes of their time on a $2 pack of paper plates.

But this tramatizing event got me thinking. What little things do we do during the day or week that detracts from the top, say, five most important things in our life? I often have people ask me how I find time to write. They then proceed to tell me how they are too busy to ever "pick up writing." Really? I have a toddler, husband, house, cat, and full-time job yet I find time. Why can't you? The same goes for other things. Church, if that's important to you. Friend-time. Personal-time. Whatever it is that you WISH you had time for, ask yourself, why don't you? Because I'm betting if you priortize those top 5 things, suddenly the day will feel drastically less stressful.

Of course, I'm a stress maniac so don't listen to me. :) Now revelation time. What sucks up all your time?



  1. I really hate the "I'm too busy to ever write" excuse. GRR. Like you, I have a toddler, full-time job, husband, house, TBR pile! :) I think I waste a lot of time online and catching up on TV shows.

  2. I spend too much time online. I limit myself, but even now I'm thinking, what if I was working on my WIP? Hmm. It's hard because I want to get myself out there and let people know who I am. We have to promote ourselves and connect with others. I really enjoy reading blogs and meeting new people, and it's important to what I do. So, I can't really say I waste time online. It serves a purpose. I just wish I was quicker when I'm online. :)

  3. I spend too much time spending too much time. I do so much during the day, so when the night comes I'm exhausted. I try to write, but now that I don't have to actually write, but revise, I'm slacking off.

    The internet doesn't improve this, either.

  4. Jennifer -- Totally agree. It drives me crazy when people say they could write, but just don't have the time.

    Kelly -- Online is my demon as well. I'm constantly reading forums or QT or various other writerly sites.

    Tyson -- I'm with you there. I write at night, but many nights I am just too exhausted. And I'm a night owl so getting up at 5 am to write? Not happening. I slack during revisions as well. I have to give myself a schedule else I take months upon months to revise.

  5. The gym and the internet... I always end up finding something to waste my time on rather than actually getting my writing going as I should.

    Also, nice blog :) I like the writing style.

  6. Letting small things eat away at us is like being nibbled to death by ducks -- just too silly a way to check out. Like you, I have to remind myself that life is too short to let little things rob me of the joy of the moment -- for it may be one of the last ones I have. Roland

  7. I can just picture you in RiteAid...waiting...and waiting... been there done that!

    I read a good keynote speech by Kiersten White the other day. She said: "The difference between someone who writes and someone who is a writer is sacrifice. Writers are willing to give up things to do what we do. If you aren't ready for that, that's ok. You'll know when you are."

    I think that's so true! You make the time if you really want it.

  8. Ha! This morning I walked out of a grocery store without the items I wanted because someone had left the cashier with her items half-rung up while she went to check out some cheap Easter candy. When writing takes up so much time, it's hard not to want every precious second.

  9. Like so many others, the internet sucks up my time...but also crossword puzzles and stewing over grocery lists. I hate that chore--I guess because I know I've actually then got to do the shopping. Maybe I fear getting in a line like you found yourself in?? Ha.

  10. CB -- I wish I could say the gym occupied my time! Thanks for the blog compliment. It's my 3rd version. :)

    Roland -- Well said!

    Laura -- Love that! I still need to read Paranormalcy.

    Andrea -- I hate when people do that! If I forget something when I'm already in line I just shrug and pick it up later.

    Kenda -- Too funny. Grocery shopping is relaxing for me. Perhaps because the hubbie keeps my toddler so I can do it alone. We mom's get so little free time, ya know? :)


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