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Writing schedules for those without time.

We've talked quite a bit about schedules for busy, working moms who also (crazily) attempt to throw in writing. There are lots of options that can help when it comes to finding time to write, but what do you do when you need a schedule in order to hit a deadline?

I am in that very situation right now. I tend to be a very organic writer. There are days that 5K + words is nothing. Other days I struggle to put 300 words on the page. I typically close my Air on those days, because I know even if I pull together a thousand words, they will all suck. But now I find myself in a situation where I need to keep myself on track in order to hit a few deadlines. Basically, I need to complete two books before January.

Yikes! you say.

I know.

There are some that have it worse, certainly, but with juggling two kids (one of which is an infant) and a day job, I find it necessary to set a schedule. So this is what I am looking at:

Book 1:

25% complete Word count goal: 70KSchedule: M-F 2,000 words a d…