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UPSIDE DOWN by Lia Riley!!

Happy Sunday! Today, I am super excited to participate in the blog tour for UPSIDE DOWN by the amazing Lia Riley. I had the opportunity to read the book early, and seriously, guys, I cannot recommend this book enough!

Excerpt of the book:

"A few meters more, you’re almost there."

It’s like we’re at the end of some old-school adventure tale, one where the heroes are stoic even as the blizzard rages, avalanches fall, and death hovers like a benevolent ghost.

Well, Bran is the hero.

I’m like one of the minor sidekicks who goes down during some important turning point. My death might even inspire the hero on his journey or teach him a valuable lesson. But at this point in the flick, the minor sidekick should be well and truly dead. Not white-knuckling a column of dolerite rock, thighs gripping the stone like it’s the world’s best lover.

"That’s it, Talia," Bran’s voice is encouraging. "You’re holding tight, that’s great. Now, I’m going to need you to release your l…