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Hello 2014! Let's talk about 2013 and why YOU are going to be better.

Today is January 1st. Happy New Year! One year ago today, I had a world of hope in front of me. I was driven. I had just released GRAVITY and was working feverishly on HOVER. I was also twenty-four hours away from delivering my second child, Lainey.

GRAVITY had released pretty well and was fairly well liked. She had her readers, people who "got" the book and then those that hated it. So is this business. At the time, 9 months pregnant and emotional, I took the hate part very hard. Now, I understand that the "hate" is just part of it. We are all human, and in such, have differing opinions on books. It is only natural and is truly a wonderful thing.

So, I went into 2013 on edge, scared as I wrote HOVER, trying desperately to write the book I thought my readers wanted to read.

And then I delivered my daughter, and everything in my life changed. The delivery went well, but three hours later, I began to have complication after complication. I was bleeding internally. My…