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Writing when there is NO time to write

I’ve talked a bit on Twitter about my busy life and how I find time to write. I’ve decided to start blogging about writing when there is no time to write. Sound fun? 

First, let me explain why I consider myself “busy.”  
Right now I am the most exhausted I have ever been in my life. I have a five year old and a five month old. I have a full time day job. And I write. In addition to all of that, I had a fair of amount of complications with my 5 month old, and to avoid getting into the details, I will just say that I can no longer have children.  
In the five months since I had my daughter and the two surgeries that occurred just after, I have written nearly 100,000 words. I have completed the second book in my series, HOVER. I have nearly completed a separate project, currently titled BROKEN WINTER. And I have begun another project that I will call YA historical sci-fi (it’s a mouthful, right?). 
Again, I do not claim to be the busiest, but I think we can all agree that is a fair amo…