Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How many revisions?

Sorry for the blog delay. Sick child causes all extras to stop. But tonight, with a much healthier child finally in bed, I finished my fifth revision of TWISTED ROOT. Oddly enough, I thought I only revised it twice, but doc name reads TwistedRoot.5. Hmm. And that's when I realized I revised the first half five times and the second only twice. Does anyone else do this? I find my writing improves as I near the end. Plus, midway through TR, I came to a halt, lost on how to finish. I had to plot out the end fully in order to continue, which perhaps resulted in a cleaner draft? I'm not sure, but I am soooo glad to be done. For now. M.B.


  1. I do find that I revise the beginning more than the end, but I think it's because I find it easier to do that. Probably I should pay more attention to fixing up the endings!

  2. Yup. Getting a strong opening is so much harder. You don't have all the momentum built up, instead you have to create it. I've rewritten my beginning so many times I've lost count. The ending? It's totally great.

  3. Andrea -- I'm jealous. I find the beginning WAY harder to revise than the end.

    Sarah -- I'm with you. The opening is so much harder for me.