Friday, April 22, 2011

DICTIONARY DAY with a little style

So today fellow hilarious blogger, Tyson, gave me the Stylish Blogger award. I decided to define an uncommon synonym of "stylish" to celebrate.



Definition: fashionable, stylish

Usage: She wore a modish strapless dress.


Now to the rules for the Stylish award. I have to list 7 things about myself and then suggest a few awesome bloggers. Here goes...

  1. I am only 5'3, 110 lbs fully clothed and soaking wet, yet many of my co-workers refer to me as "intimidating." :) This makes me laugh every time.

  2. I have weird knowledge of all things health and skincare.

  3. I am a total t-shirt and jeans girl, but am crazy particular about said t-shirt and jeans. I own every color of JCrew v-neck T available and more pairs of skinny/straight jeans than any female should ever have.

  4. I married my husband for many reasons, but the longer we've been together I realize how similar he is to my dad (who I adore in every way). I'm thinking that must have sub-consciously played a part.

  5. As a child I could sketch anything. Now, I'm lucky if I can sketch a stick figure. I guess that talent, like writing, requires consistency and practice.

  6. I suck at all things that require athleticism except ping-pong. I kick serious a$$ at ping-pong.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if thinking you suck as a writer is just part of the gig. A few weeks ago, an editor requested my first book on a Saturday, just a few short hours after I queried. The next weekend my second book became a finalist in Utah's popular RWA contest. The next weekend I was practically in tears over how bad both books are. Yeah, I'm mental, but surely I'm not alone here? Okay, maybe I am. :)

Now to the more interesting part of the award thing: cool bloggers.

Laura -- One of my awesome CPs "queen of plot holes"

Amanda -- Another awesome CP "queen of world-building"

Karen -- Who has received this award before, but she needs two!

Jennifer -- Who does the super interesting "creative spaces"

Margo -- Who always has great takes on all things writerly.

Kenda -- Who, like Karen, has gotten this award, but deserves two!

I'm sure I will think of others and will add them here!



  1. You deserve all this and more!

    My dear, you are AWESOME!

    NUFF SAID! :d

    Have a great weekend! :D

  2. Wow! What a great weekend! The sun is shining and I've been CROWNED a QUEEN of something. :)

    I'm super flattered, Mel. Thanks!!!

    And, fyi, neither of your novels sucks - they're amazing!

  3. Congratulations on the award--and what fun to learn a little more about a blogging friend :-) As for doubts? We all have them. The key is to ignore them and keep writing!

    Thanks for passing the award on this way, too--a fun surprise :-) Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. THANKS! If only I could find my own plot holes so easily, haha!

    Speaking of skincare...I had the best facial EVER at this fancy hotel in Australia. So good that I almost bought the exfoliator they tried to sell me for $100 (some French brand!) question is, can good skincare be cheap?!

    And as for number 7...I was in tears today over my query, but then I thought it was amazing enough to reward myself with blog reading. I'm waiting for the suck to kick in again :-)

  5. You are so welcome, Amanda and Kenda.

    Laura, I will email you a list of skincare items that are good but also affordable. :)