Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do you want for Christmas?

Me? Well, besides an agent, I want this:

The problem is that I've been feeling like a bit of traitor wanting a Kindle. What's your take on the Kindle? Am I shooting my future writing dreams in the foot or is it fine? For me, I will still buy traditional books. I work in printing, and therefore, I feel that traditional printing will never die. I enjoy holding a traditional book, the satifaction of closing it after a fantastic read, and then picking it up months later. As a graphics person, I adore cover art. These are things that will not go away if I purchase a Kindle.

So, free my worrisome soul, it's fine, right? :)

Now onto you, what would you like for Christmas? What would make that day super special for you and remind you of childhood days? I believe we all have those childhood memories of the one toy you ALWAYS wanted and the thrill (or disappointment) on Christmas morning. So, share. I'd love to know and then follow-up to tell me if you got it. I'll be hoping for you. Now can someone email my husband and tell him I want a Kindle? ;)



  1. Melissa, I LOVE my Kindle. I've had it for about two months now. I struggled with my decision because I love printed books. Since I've gotten my Kindle, I've still bought traditional books too.

    But it's great for me because I read several books at once. Right now, I have about 14 books on my Kindle. It's so thin and portable. I carry it with me everywhere.

    What do I want for Christmas? I hope that Santa brings me a new computer! :)

  2. I don't think buying a kindle is shooting your career in your foot! If you were in publishing, on the other hand...

    As for what I want, the list is loooooong! My list is always loooooong! :) But, main items: snow shoes, new headphones, and a massage. :)

  3. My reasons for resisting the Kindle are the same as yours! However, with all the traveling I do, I'm thinking it might be handy! Also, it might be easier to proofread your own manuscript on?! I've heard of agents reading partials/fulls on their kindle. It would be slightly more relaxing than hunched over the laptop!

    ahhh I've been so busy that I haven't even thought about my list! Although, I'm intrigued by Amanda's snowshoe suggestion! It's definitely a winter wonderland here right now. Or I could just ask for a Kindle too :-)

  4. Karen -- your response convinced me. I now NEED it.

    Amanda -- snow shoes would be awesome...if we ever had snow in GA. :) I hope you get them!

    Laura -- Yes, get a Kindle, too, so we can compare notes. :)