Monday, October 4, 2010

Opinions on Agents

So a few days ago I was rummaging through Twitter updates and stumbled across this:

Have any of you read it? What are your opinions?

If you have not read it, let me recap. The poster (Mr. Smith) discusses, quite intensely I might add, the story of an author (Mr. Buchman) acquiring a 4 book deal with Sourcebooks, yet he was unable to get an agent to rep him. Mr. Smith goes on to ask if Agents have lost their minds.

Maybe, I can't be sure. I am not an agent, not in the least, but I can relate to one element of the job. I receive a LOT of emails a day. Going back and forth, today alone, I went through over a hundred emails. I can tell you that I lose my mind all the time. So, yeah, I imagine they lose their minds just like all business professionals do. Is this one of those times? Again, maybe, I can't be sure. But Mr. Smith's post brings up an interesting topic: What value do YOU feel agents bring to the table?

For me, there are several. First, it is a level of expertise. Anyone who is a business professional understands the importance of dealing with someone who knows the business. Second, I want someone in my corner. Can I do an agents job on my own? Sure. As well as them? Not likely. Third, I feel agents relate to the creative side of writing more than editors. This is not a hard-fast comment, but more my take from reading countless blogs/interviews on both sides.

I personally aim to have an agent some day. How about you? Are you pro Agent? And if so, why? Do you have an agent and love him/her? Brag about them. Tell us why Agents rock. Either way, let's discuss.



  1. ooooh, I'll let you know after Saturday. I have a fantastic opportunity to pitch my book to an agent then :-)

  2. Yay Kenda! I'm sending wishful thoughts your way!

  3. Interesting post and link, Melissa. I haven't signed with an agent so I can't brag on one (nor have I been released from one to bash one LOL) but I will say that I tend to be a DIYer type. However, this is one area that I'm NOT looking to practice that particular skill! :)

    Good luck Kenda!

  4. That was a really interesting link! I dunno... maybe I am just being shortsighted because I'm one of those people who wants an agent and thinks an agent is necessary to get where I want to go, but I can't help but wonder if something is being left out of that guy's story? I know of other very successful authors who have sold their book/got an offer from an editor, and then found an agent. Maggie Stiefvater pops to mind, for example.

    And here's my 'good luck' to Kenda too! How exciting :-)

  5. Bridgette - Thanks for popping over! I tend to be a DIY type as well, but I would be lost on all the legalities.

    Laura - Yes, Maggie is a great example of someone getting an agent with an offer in hand, though she already had one book out (Lament) prior to signing with Laura Rennert and queried with Ballad/Shiver.