Friday, October 29, 2010

NaNo -- How are you prepping?

Good morning all! Today is the last business day (aka real day in my book as I get super lazy on the w/e) prior to NaNo. This is my first and I am super pumped, though my husband already said that 50,000 words is impossible in one month. I assured him that it is not and that I will hit 52,000. See I am going to work on TWISTED ROOT of which I already have chapter 1 -- 2,000 words complete. So to be honest and all I need to hit 52,000 words. But I must admit, I am going to likely start from scratch so as to keep the creative juices flowing.

So in researching about NaNo I found a few tips and thought I would pass them along:

1. Do a rough outline of your story and character sketches before.
2. Set a time every day to write -- 9 pm, 5 am, whatever but make it the same every day.
3. Write everyday no matter what.
4. Binge on the weekend -- write for an hour, take a break, then another hour, break, etc.
5. Have fun with it and don't focus on quality. Just get the words on the page.

How about you? Have you been researching? How are you preparing? And most importantly, GOOD LUCK!


p.s. I am going to plan to blog more during NaNo with struggles, how I overcame them, etc.


  1. Getting 2,000 words a day or close to it is possible. I entered for the first time last year, locked my inner editor in the closet, and sat down at the computer every day at the same time (that does work). Some days I put in more than 2,000 (binge writing) and some days less but here's where I went wrong. I didn't have any prep work done except the idea. They said you will write a lot of "c" and they were right. It was a grueling pace but I stuck with it and I won; but when I went through what I wrote, I found it to be exactly as they described it and worse. It wasn't worth revising, a few great scenes only, and I dumped the whole thing.
    I had a great time and am going to do it again. However, this year, I am prepped and ready to go! But I'm not shooting to win. My plan is to write a decent rough draft and go ahead and let my inner editor out of the closet.

  2. It's November 1!! Good luck on your first day!!! I'm looking forward to following your journey!