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What's your greatest writing vice?

Mine? This and sites in general. A book (other than my own). There are many, many, many reasons that I can come up with to not write/revise/polish/repeat. So what got me thinking about this topic?

I am a busy writing person. I have a critique group that requires 2 chapter reads a week. I have a critique partner (Hi!) that I critique a couple of chapters a week. And also, I have a few people that request that I read/edit for them. This weekend, alone, I critiqued around 60,000 words--all while my parents were in town! So, explain to me exactly why I am unable to edit MY work in that quick of an amount of time?

Laziness? Probably.

Fear? Definitely.

But ya wanna know the real issue here? (And I am betting my favorite pair of 7's that you are the same way. ) The issue is that I am unable to see my work objectively. And I do not mean, that I think my work is fantastic and therefore cannot see the weeds. Oh no, I see lots and lots of weeds. So many so that I spray killer on my work to death and then have to back away carefully to keep from inhaling the fumes! My current MS took twice as long to revise/edit as it did to write. Perhaps this is normal, even expected, but I do not do well with "normal." :) I prefer efficiency and productivity.

This is my place to reveal that I want to finish my current revision by Friday of this week. If I am able to post success then you will know that I have not been active on any sites, checked out any online sales, and definitely (scouts honor or whatever they do) haven't watched my Tivo'd Top Chef from last week. I am setting a goal.


  1. My website has turned into my greatest vice. I get up (and will soon be losing alot of the free time I've had as school is starting back) and plan to plot out my novel.

    But then I end up marketing the website for two hours, and since it's something I enjoy, makes it a very good out when I'm tired of trying to create a story.

    So that, and Facebook. It's the devil you know.

    theBrad (verla tag)

  2. Writing vices, I have PLENTY of them. I do admit blogging and Twitter can sometimes derail my progress. I don't have a Facebook page because I know that it would probably be too addictive.

    But I hear you with the objective thing. But don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes it really does take twice as long to revise as draft.

    Good luck on the revision!

  3. Brad - I cannot imagine launching a full website while trying to plot out a new novel. You must be exhausted! But, the artsy side of me would love to build a website from scratch. My background is in graphics so I've worked with Dreamweaver a bit and could totally get absorbed in it if I allowed myself.

    Karen - Yes, Brad is right, Facebook is the devil. I force myself to stay away and then when I log in I have a zillion messages and two zillion friend requests - all from people that I do not know. I then find myself wondering how they know to request me?! :) Too funny. I swear I only know twenty people yet my FB would suggest otherwise!

    I am definitely too hard on myself. Part of it is the day job. I have to make sure my clients' training manuals, marketing materials, and etc. are flawless so I can't seem to turn the editorial eye off when I am looking at my work. (Though I manage quite nicely on here! Typos for everyone!) :)

  4. This is so similar to my most recent post!! I think there's something in the air...

    It's amazing how many things there are to do INSTEAD of writing/revising. Sometimes I just want to go to a cabin in the woods with no phone, internet, or other people for miles.

    ...then I think that sounds really scary, like in a Misery kind of way...

  5. Madam - Haha! As soon as I read your comment on the cabin I thought - "Nope, I'm way too big of a chicken for that!" Then I read your next line! :)


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