Friday, August 27, 2010

Besides writing...

What are your other hobbies/passions/addictions? Are they inline with writing or on a totally different planet?


I have a LOT of premium denim - Seven for all Mankind, True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, etc. I used to be very addicted to denim b/c at heart I am very much a jeans and T gal. At one time I owned around 40 but now I have maybe 15 or so pairs. And don't get me started on shoes...though now that I’m a mom these things have taken a backseat. I buy for my daughter instead. :)

I am addicted to skincare/make-up. I worked as a make-up artist at a spa in college as well as for Clinique and loved it. I can recommend a full skincare and make-up routine for practically anyone once I know a little about her skin.

I love to cook, which has resulted in my daughter having a fairly advanced palate. She will only eat foods with lots of flavor and depth. I LOVE Top Chef!

I'm into yoga, but I've been really bad since editing began. I take at a yoga studio that is amazing! This and ping-pong are the only two remotely athletic things that I can do, and both I do fairly well.

How about you? Brag a little! Writing can make us feel both talented and horribly untalented, sometimes on the same day. What are your other hobbies that require less…backbone/patience/coffee? :)



  1. Must say I agree with you on shoes. I LOVES me some shoes.

    And I do have sort of a makeup and nail polish addiction as well - Sephora loves when I walk in their store.

    Sort of a gym rat too. If I don't get to my spin classes, I can get kind of cranky. Ha.

    Now I'm looking for some kind of "Zen" hobby to calm me down. I used to do needlepoint, but that's a little passive. Maybe I'll try yoga...

  2. This is such a fun idea for a post!

    I haven't found my perfect pair of jeans yet, but until then I'll live in my lululemon yoga pants. I have so many pairs it's ridiculous! Yoga, pilates, grocery shopping, writing... the office on Friday afternoon (when I can push it), they serve me well!

    My beauty addiction is hair products. I love hair and doing hair. I did all the hair for my sister's wedding, which was so fun! I can get mesmerized by skin products too though. I've definitely been known to suggest spontaneous weekends to London so I can re-stock my Philosophy Hope in a Jar night cream (they don't see ANYTHING like it in Holland). And, you can't top Clinique's high impact mascara! That's so cool you used to work for them.

    I'm also really into photography. That was my big creative outlet/hobby before I started writing. People, my cats, travel stuff, I love it capturing little moments. I shouldn't let myself forget that, which is easy when I'm behind my desk so much these days.

    Finally, after traveling the wine region of Australia last year, I have an unhealthy interest in wine tasting! My bf is really into food and cooking too, so the combination has resulted in some interesting dinner parties at our place :-)

  3. My hobbies all have to do with art:drawing, painting, and crafting.

    Now that I'm, ahem, older than you young ladies, I no longer have the passion for shoes (they have to be comfortable and flat) or makeup and hairstyle changes. But I still remember the fortune and time I used to spend on all those things and it was fun!!!

  4. allergic to make-up, my shoes cost on an average $130. So not a lot of pairs, I have lost some weight and still trying, so my number of jeans that fit are 0 and I am so with you on blue jeans and t-shirts. Fall is coming so will have to do some shopping. Do not start me on my hobbies, mostly I am a pack rat who claims that those are my hobbies. bwahaha

  5. Karen - Yes, Sephora sees me entirely too often! I wish I could say the same about the gym... :)

    Laura - I love Lululemon pants. That's as fashionable as I get while working at home on M,W,F's. I too love photography. Just bought a new Canon actually. Love,love,love it!

    Catherine - Funny, when I was younger I could paint/draw anything and had quite a talent for it. Now, I can't seem to create anything worth the time. Not sure why? I always viewed art as an innate ability, but now I think it could be more like any other skill. Requires practice in order to stay with you?

    Liz - Allergic to make-up? Even mineral make-up? I have heard of many allergic to certain ingredients in liquid make-up but most could wear bare formulas of mineral-makeup. Unfortunately those have to ordered online which is a pain. I'm a pack rat too, especially with anything my daughter has ever touched. I can't seem to let go of any of her baby clothes - she's two! :)