Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's talk about aliens!

I have a confession. When I was little, I had this strange obsession with horror movies. They freaked the hell out of me, but for some reason they were my favorite to watch. My parents would take me to the video store and let me pick out one horror movie to watch with my dad, while my sister stood cowering in the kitchen.

Well one such outing, I chose the movie Fire in the Sky. The movie is based upon a man's claim to have been abducted. In the movie we witness the man being tortured, and by the end of that movie I had my first true fear--aliens. I remember staring out my bedroom window for weeks, unable to sleep, too afraid to sleep. This is the scene that scarred me for life:

See, I was so afraid because I could reason why not only is it possible that aliens exist--it is probable. And that young experience led to continuous interest in aliens. I learned about the various theories, the likelihood of their existence, and etc.

None of it amounted to anything other than interest, until one fateful day when I decided to write a book about aliens. I knew when I sat down to write that I needed to create an alien species based upon actual theory. That's how I came up with the Ancients--the aliens within GRAVITY, coined from the idea of ancient astronauts. Click on the words to take you to the Wiki description, but basically the theory is that aliens have visited Earth since the beginning of time, helping to develop cultures, advancements, and the very success of our species.

Let's say these ancient astronauts really exist. Logic says the government would know, and maybe even be in continuous negotiations with this other species. Now let's say their home planet was dying. Would it not stand to reason that they would seek out help from Earth, the very people they had helped time and time again throughout history? I think they would. And I think they would be prepared to fight if we said no. If you want to see where the story goes from here, you may want to check out GRAVITY. :)

So you tell me, do you believe in aliens?


  1. LOVE this! When I was little, I had this strange obsession with aliens (but all other horror movies scare me to death!)... Do I believe that they *really* exist though? Well, I feel the same way as Ellie from the movie Contact, that if they don't, "then it's an awful waste of space." :)

  2. Aww heck I totes remember that movie. I'm a huge horror movie junkie too and I love all the movies that have aliens :D

    You're just making me that much more twitchy to read Gravity lol


  3. Ohh, interesting :D Never heard of that movie though. But I do like aliens :) And I think I do believe in them. Somehow. Cannot wait to read about your aliens in Gravity :D So excited. <3

  4. Ha, I SO believe in Aliens. As a kid, I wanted to be abducted and since I lived on a farm, I thought my odds were quote good. Ha, ha.

    Never happened though. A little disappointed.

  5. I have never seen that movie before but I want to watch it now after that scene! I love anything to do with aliens as I love anything to do with Space. I even considered studying astro-physics at university. ;) Anyway, I totally believe aliens could exist. Maybe not so much anything like the aliens from that clip, but little organisms. :)