Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Never forgetting to enjoy reading

Sorry for the blog delay. I've been in serious edit mode so I could turn in GRAVITY to my awesome editor this week. *Breathes easier* And if you’re interested in adding it to your TBR list, you can click this little link and add it to your Goodreads list. No pressure. ;o)

Now in addition to the hair-pulling edits, I've also been storing up books to read as soon as I turn in these edits. I started perusing the list today and realized something. I tend to organize my TBR list by "fun books" that I could careless about the writing and then "educational, why-the-hell-can't-I-write-like-that books." I thought that was a bit odd, until I realized why.

See, at heart, I am always going to be a reader first. I love reading, and I don't have to appreciate the writing to enjoy a good story. I think this is important for us as writers. If we start analyzing every single book we read, comparing the writing to ours, or even *gasp* putting down the writing/book/author, then to me, eventually our writing will suffer.

It's like on Saturdays when you're watching your favorite football team and over and over the announcer (or your husband) screams at the players to settle down. Those players are overly hyped. They’re analyzing everything, thinking too much, and in turn, are playing like crap. I think the same goes for writing. This isn't to say we shouldn't educate ourselves. That's a given. But I really pray that I never stop appreciating a good story, even one that has less than perfect writing, because I know that day my own writing will turn to crap, just like those over-hyped players.

~ Melissa


  1. This is an excellent point. I find that my writing suffers when I become too tense about it. When I try too hard, it gets worse not better.

  2. I have noticed that I'm now watching movies as a writer... Definitely arrived at 'time-out' point.
    The best writing takes you out of yourself. The analyzing voice calms down, and the story takes over.