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Friday Factual: Our quirks=character quirks

So you know how you often remember a particular character's tics or quirks? Well, I'm here to tell you that you have weird quirks, too. Don't believe me? Ask your husband or wife or sister or mother. They'll tell you. I thought it may be fun to disclose a few, so here goes.

Quirkies about me that I could work into a character:

  1. I kind of think, especially when I have the music really loud, that I sing exactly like Lady Gaga. I know! It IS cool. :)
  2. I really dislike wearing the same pair of shoes the next season, which is totally stupid, but still it bothers me. I’m pretty sure this means I have some serious form of OCD. Yeah...I'm okay with that.
  3. I was a make-up artist all through college, training with lots of different people. So now, when I meet someone for the first time I often think about how I would do her makeup. Of course, I would never tell the person I’m thinking this, but sometimes it takes all of me not to scream—“Violet eyeliner would look amazing with your eyes!”
Now tell me a few of yours. You know you have some!

~ Melissa


  1. 1. I vacuum everyday and I think that's normal. :)
    2. I can say the alphabet faster backwards than forwards.
    3. I can hitchhike with my big toe.

  2. I take normal words and twist them around so they sound like nonsense, and then I expect my poor husband to decipher them. :-)

  3. How cool that you were a makeup artist. As for your shoes -- I totally think buying new shoes every season should NOT be a problem. :)

    As for me, I do NOT like my food touching each other on a plate. It grosses me out. I need boundaries!

  4. I sing random song snippets when cued with a word or phrase.
    I love to write dirty limericks for friends.
    I sometimes go clothes shopping and walk around with armloads of stuff only to say "forget it" put it all up and leave the store.

  5. 1) Nevermind epidemiology, I could have gotten a PhD in celebrity gossip.
    2) I have pretty much every flavor of Lip Smackers that they sell.
    3) Nothing makes me happier than 'real' mail (both sending and receiving!)

  6. Confession time: (thanks for the opportunity. They say it’s good for the soul.)
    1. I think wild socks are a great gift for anyone and any occasion.
    2. I invent accents and torture my family with them.
    3. I’ve been known to have days where I call everyone ‘Bubbi.’

  7. Hahahaha! I've been cracking up reading these. I have so many more too that I could disclose, but I won't scare you all just yet. :)

  8. I tap the top of a soda can before I open it. I can't help it. OCD thing I guess.


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