Monday, May 9, 2011

Writer craziness a.k.a querying

It always amazes me how many things we writers can juggle--day jobs, families, other hobbies, whatever. Then add querying onto the list and craziness ensues.

I find querying to be a perfect mixture of over-the-top stress and over-the-top exhilaration. Rejections are going to happen. I would say most writers see 7-8 rejections for every 1 request. So is the business. But this post is to encourage you to keep going. Even if you have yet to get a request. Even if others are getting request upon request upon request. There is no magic formula to snagging an agent. I’m convinced it takes mastery of craft and a little bit of prayer.

So keep writing, keep perfecting, and pray—often.

And just so you all know, I am in the thick of the query game again. So far so good, but I know from experience to keep going. So, I began my newest project. I'm a writer, after all, and writers write.



  1. I hear ya. It's hard to put the neccessary time into querying, especially when writing is so much more fun. Good luck to you!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to start querying a novel soon, and this time I'm not going to give up easily!

  3. Good luck on your querying! And you are do smart to start writing on a new project.

  4. Ummmmmm new project...?!

    As an observer up until now, I think it's so true what you say with 'there is no magic formula'. It honestly seems like there isn't! Sometimes I read 'successful query' or 'how-i-snagged-my-agent-posts' and am really surprised that it worked. Also just because someone is getting request after request doesn't mean their book will sell. So, it's better just to focus on your own book, as hard as that may be!

  5. Sarah -- Thanks and yes, I would much rather write than query.

    Andrea -- Good luck to you on querying! Circle back when you land an agent. :)

    Karen -- Writing definitely keeps my mind and heart in check during the grueling query game.

    Laura -- Yes re: new project! I think you will love it, though I've only written a bit. It's dark and a tad sexy, like TR, but in a completely different way. And like you, I've read success stories that amaze me. Queries that broke all the rules, etc. But I'm convinced that when an agent reads something that's a fit they know it, even if the query sucks.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement :-) I've started querying, too. What an interesting rollercoaster ride, huh? Wow.

    Good luck--hope you get lots of interest! Glad to hear you're also starting a new project while you wait...

  7. Sarah -- Same for me. I would much rather be writing.

    Andrea -- Good luck with querying!

    Karen -- Thanks! I find it hard to not write. Revisions are the hard part for me. Writing is fun.:)