Monday, March 28, 2011

Crits for Water

My awesome crit partner Laura, aka Lo, posted about an opportunity so generous it needs rementioning. As we have different followers, I'm stealing her post for today to spread the word.

Kat Brauer, YA writer and big-time blogger, is offering the following:

  1. For every $1 you donate, I will crit 250 words of your MS. This includes line editing, if you’d like. So if your first chapter is 3000 words, donate US $12 to the mycharitywater campaign page [url to be added when the campaign opens]. I’ll contact you for the file. Kat-Crits can be requested AT ANY TIME during the campaign’s duration (March 31-June 30).

  2. Unless this gets super awesome and busy, I promise to finish all crits within one week.

  3. Once a week (possibly more), we will have special guest crits from other authors, agents, and editors! Here is the (ever incomplete) schedule of events and guest crits. These special guest crits follow a DIFFERENT DONATING AND CRITTING STRUCTURE from #1 and #2.

  4. There will also be special, SUPER SEKRIT prize days. Pay attention to the blog and twitter for those. You can, of course, just donate to donate. Because I know that you are that awesome.

Please find the full details here. I cannot even contain my excitement over this clever way of helping others. It appears Kat raised $2500 in 2009 and hopes to hit $5K this year. Let's help her do it!



  1. I am crossing my fingers for Epic. THANKS. Hope to see you there :D

  2. It is awesome, eh?! My favourite part is that it goes until the end of June. So much motivation!