Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Helpful query sites...

As promised, I am submitting a list of helpful query sites. I should preface this by saying that I cheated. I took a query workshop b/c the dang thing freaked me out, and I am so glad I did. So the first on my list is the workshop, which I adored! A few things that I have found interesting on querying. Regardless of what others will tell you, it is a big deal. You wanna know why? Because it is your resume. It is your opportunity to say - "I am fantastic, and this will prove it." And by "fantastic" I mean you are prepared and professional, not that you SAY how fantastic you are in the query. If you do that I will block you from my blog! :) So, while there is no need to go crazy about it, do take the time to sell yourself. I have always told applicants and newbie's in the job world that resumes and interviews are like cold calling and warm calling. You know, the sales terminology. A resume is cold calling. That HR rep or hiring manager doesn't know you from a hole in the wall. Then you go on the interview. This is warm calling because at least you aren't annoying the HR/hiring manager. He/she wants to meet with you.

Your query is a cold call (well most of the time unless you are special and have a referral). A partial or full is the interview. You wouldn't send a resume with typos, would you? You wouldn't botch an interview by calling the manager by the wrong name or wearing shorts and a tee instead of a business suit/professional attire. So why in the world would you call an agent/editor by the wrong name in the query or send a manuscript that is not properly formatted/polished?

But you can take my comments with a grain of salt. I haven't even queried yet for goodness sake! But, I can tell you, I am right and I know that I am right. I will be posting my query stats as they happen, embarrassing or not. So, we shall see how right or wrong I am.

Now on to why you are reading this post. The list:

1. C.J. Redwine's query workshop.
http://queryworksho p.blogspot. com
My comment(s): LOVE this. I took this class and I must say that my query is wonderful. I am proud and thrilled about the final product. C.J.'s prices are very reasonable so definitely check this out if you have been querying without much luck.

2. Query Shark
My comment(s): This site is so informative that Janet Reid should get some sort of basket of goodies for her effort. She is "in your face" honest and if you are brave enough to submit you will definitely learn a great deal. But even if you are not, you will see what works and doesn't from a true expert.

3. Agent Query and Writers Digest
My comment(s): If you are serious about getting published you should've already been to these sites, so much so, that the site is considering blocking you. Both have lots of info. The above two links are just two of many.

4. Nathan Bransford's and Kristin Nelson's blogs
My comment(s): Both of these sites are useful in many ways, but my favorites are the posts that include query letters that worked! Amazing information for sure from the source.

5. Writing Word
My comment(s): The above 4 should get you where you need to be, but if you are still shaking then check out this site. The info is clean-cut and should stop the twitch in your eye. :)

I hope this is helpful. Again, most writers know of all of these options, but newer writers may not so let me know if this helped. I research a ton so if there is something (relating to writing or the industry) that you would like an answer to, email me, and I will try to track it down.



  1. Thanks for these! I'm not to the point of needing them just yet, so I'm trying to keep my blinkers on and focus on my current draft, but I'll be saving these for later!

    Good luck on your query!

  2. I'm so glad you found them helpful! I know how it is to feel eager during the drafting stage. Just think of how good you will feel when you finish! :)

  3. Thanks for the info - I'm just at the stage of writing a query so they're very helpful.

  4. I feel good that I've already employed most of these options in my search. This is a great collection for new writers.

    However, I still think a large bribe may be my only option.