Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writers that do not read?

The other day or month or so (I have no clue but this did happen) I ran across someone studying creative writing with the career goal of becoming a writer. The person had no idea that I enjoy writing and I didn't offer up the info as that can sometimes shut a person up if he/she doesn't feel as "in the know." So instead I asked about this person's writing interests, which logically lead to this person's reading interests. With that I received the reply "Oh, I don't read."




It stopped me short. I have never met a writer that didn't enjoy reading. Have you? It really stunned me. Why would you want to do something for a living that you yourself do not enjoy? Ya know? So after a minute of picking my jaw off the floor and pushing my bulging eyes back into their sockets, I asked. The response ran something like "It's boring." And mind you, I am not talking about some high school kid. This is an adult, going back to school, to persue a writing dream. I suggested sampling lots of different genres to find one that the person would enjoy. I suggested books that I thought the person would enjoy. I suggested talking to friends about what books they enjoy. And finally after being stared at like I was a complete moron I said - "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it takes a reader to become a writer."

I gotta say, I have always loved to read and always loved to write. To me the two go hand in hand like a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich and, just like that sandwich, I tend to think(depending upon who you are and your tastes) you will need a little bit more of one than the other to find a good mix that tastes just right. For me, I lean more towards the jelly. :)



  1. Oh, that does sound completely bizarre! I know someone who writes and doesn't LOVE reading, but she also isn't really interested in pursuing a career in writing, only doing a one-off book about a subject that interests her. I can't imagine wanting to write a book if you find books boring. Strange.

  2. I thought so too Anne. It would be like a kid working hard all through high school and college to to get drafted into the NFL and then say "oh, I hate football." Seems crazy to me for sure!