Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are your characters a reflection of you?

Hello fellow writers,

It is a dreary day here in Atlanta, GA. I drove home in rain so thick that it felt more like driving through heavy snow. You know the kind that falls sideways, hitting your car with such force that you want to pull over or grip the steering wheel for your life. Yep, that was my drive home tonight. So anyway, on to my topic for today - Character traits.

I realized the other day that my characters are not exactly reflections of me, but instead represent characteristics I wish I had. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those hate myself kind of people. But I like my characters to have traits that resonate in people around me. The respectable sub character reminds me of my father. The snappy character of my mother. And so on. I do push certain elements of my personality into my characters, but I often find they are my struggles instead of my virtues. Lack of patience. Stubbornness. General know-it-all attitude - just kidding, well sort of. :) The glowing traits of my characters are what I admire in others and the darker traits are my own.

Anyone else do this?

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