Friday, August 2, 2013

Join The R.E.S. Spies

I have realized that I could really use some help getting word out about my series, but I didn't want to just ask people to join a group where we only talk about me and my books. I want a community environment, where we discuss books that we love, talk about upcoming releases, get excited about reading. I adore all things YA sci-fi and fantasy, so it made sense to make the group centered around that. For this reason, I created The R.E.S. spies.

READERS who ENJOY SCI-FI and fantasy = The R.E.S Spies! A group created for fans of Melissa West that have a passion for YA sci-fi and fantasy. Members will receive THE TAKING SERIES related prizes, as well as various opportunities for other YA sci-fi and fantasy novels, giftcards, and other fun giveaways. YA sci-fi and fantasy discussion, recommendations, and etc. are all welcome. If you love sci-fi and fantasy, you will love being a member of The R.E.S. Spies! 

Doesn't this sound fun? So basically, join my group and let's get started talking about books. The only thing I ask is that you help me during release times spread the word. AND if you love a book coming out, we can spread the word on that one too. Fun times.

The membership window is only open through this weekend. If you would like to join pop by the site:!/groups/TheRESspies/. To celebrate the group, I will be doing a drawing of group members and the winner will receive a signed copy of GRAVITY and a signed copy of HOVER.

~ Melissa

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  1. I just finished reading Hover. Actually, I finished reading Gravity for the 2nd time a few days ago since I read it months ago and forgot some of the details. Anyway, I CAN'T wait for the next book!! PS one of my best friends Christie Pettus just published her first story this month called "Sweetly Broken". She is also a mom with a full time job so it's interesting reading your story and writing schedule from your other post. It's sometimes hard to remember that authors are just people with real lives too! Thanks for sharing your stories.