Saturday, January 14, 2012

FIVE things you should NOT do if you're an author or aspiring author:

  1. Broadcast to the world that your book is totally original. It isn’t. Sorry.
  2. Badmouth other authors online. They will read it. They will hate you for it. And voodoo dolls will be made with your name on them.
  3. Act like you know more than those that are still learning. You probably do know more. Congratulations. But preaching your greatness does not Ye great make.
  4. Read negative reviews if you can’t handle it. If you know you’ll be pissed beyond pissed, ready to light a torch and march, then walk away. Close out Goodreads and Amazon. Read the positive reviews instead and enjoy the fact that your book is being read by people other than your family. Yay!
  5. Forget that reading is an amazing thing. Readers are an amazing thing. Relish in them, praise them, appreciate them. I want people, especially children and teens, to enjoy reading, even if what they’re enjoying isn’t my book.