Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Culturize me

* First, let me note that for some cosmic, freakish reason I am unable to respond to my posts. Yeah, Blogger hates me. If you have experienced this and have a fix please feel free to email me. But for those who have commented on my posts, please know that I have had fantastic responses...in my head...but still. :)

Now for today's post I want to talk about commercial versus literary fiction. Each has its charms. One is action-packed and fun, while the other has beautiful writing (albeit sometimes boring). I have read most of the greats, but have yet to really appreciate contemporary literary works. What about you? There are a few that I adore, but in general I prefer a tighter pacing than is traditionally found in literary fiction.

I'm hoping you can change my mind. Have you read a fantastic literary work recently? Care to share? Culturize me. (Yeah, that's my term for books that are supposed to make us think. Don't judge me.)


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  1. Well, I don't have a literary title to share, but I have been reading Newbery award winners lately. Just finished this year's winner, "When You Reach Me," by Rebecca Stead. One reviewer describes the book as somewhat "unconventional." That kind of book makes for a good read, too, I think...