Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Confessions and Wednesday Reviews

Okay, this is so stupid, but I'm curious if anyone else experiences this craziness. In my current WIP, there are several fairly sad scenes. Well as I write them I find myself crying a bit. Now, not like a river or anything, just a few drops, but why? It's fiction! That I'm creating, none-the-less! So tell me, have you ever cried at your own work, or am I alone in this weirdo stuff?

Now, I have promised to review ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS

What it's about: A teen girl gets shipped to a school in France by her dad (picture Nicholas Sparks) and ends up falling for a guy and learning a little about herself along the way.

Why I like it: First, the story feels very real to me. I found it odd that a few have commented that they didn't like the love triangle because it reminded them of their own lives. This is what I love about the story. Fiction should be dramatized life, of course, but fiction that relates to us, that brings forth memories is nothing short of fantastic. It is so rare for me to read a book that I feel captures the stress and beauty of teen love, but I can say this book does!

Writing style: For review purposes, I'm going to have two classifications here: poetic or realistic. Poetic refers to beautiful prose that you stare at and analyze. Realistic reviews to writing so clean that you forget it is writing. I would classify this as REALISTIC.

Fans of _________ will enjoy it: I think anyone who enjoys Sarah Dessen will like this, but also anyone who enjoys a good romance.

Rating: A+ I wanted to re-read it as soon as I finished the last line.

Hope that helps!



  1. Yes yes yes yes yes. Definitely cried. :) Don't think you've gotten to the part in mine that got tears, but you might know when it is. :)

    I think it's a sign of good writing! I mean, if you want your readers to be so attached to your characters they cry, I think you need to cry too.

    But, what do I know. I cried in Letha Weapon 2. :) C'mon, it's SAD!

  2. Yes, I have cried while writing a scene and I think it's a good thing. Later if I cry again reading it after resting, I know I wrote it well!

  3. Amanda and Catherine -- I think I agree it is a good sign. Hopefully I have even more emotional moments during this WIP!