I'm not one of those writers that can claim to have been writing "all my life." I haven't. But I have been reading all of my life. Does that count? Probably not. I'm a Southerner, raised in a tiny town in SC. Then after graduate school, I moved to Atlanta, GA with my husband and daughter.

I have a B.A. in Communication Studies specific to professional communication and an M.S. in Graphic Communication specific to printing/publishing. I have very little web design experience, but have full knowledge of all Adobe programs (and a few others). That said, I hate designing. I'm much more of a people's person so my career has involved training and customer relations with both publishers and printers.

In addition to all the boring stuff above, I'm addicted to coffee, pretend to like yoga, and am obsessed with shoes. I read frequently, write daily, and adore cooking.

That's about it. Aren't I so ridiculously boring? I need to skydive or something. Hmmm...