Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GRAVITY update

For anyone that has not heard, GRAVITY’s release date has been pushed back to October 30th. To celebrate, I’ve created a list of 5 reasons why the 30th rocks the socks off the 16th.

Five reasons why October 30th is WAY better than October 16th:
  • #5: October 16th is National Boss Day, therefore it can never also be National GRAVITY day.
  • #4: October 30th feels more like fall than October 16th, which in my mind means it is luckier.
  • #3: There are no other Entangled Teen books releasing on October 30th. Yes, I'm bratty and want the day all to myself. Just kidding...sort of. :D
  • #2: My launch party now falls on November 2nd. A weird fact about me—I tend to prefer “2” over all the other numbers. It’s just cooler.  
  • And the #1 reason that October 30th is better than October 16th ? It’s the day before HALLOWEEN!!! Yay! I’m pretty sure this means everyone will be drunk off candy corn and generally happy. Happy people are more likely to buy books. That’s just common sense.
So, I know none of this makes the wait any better. I know it’s frustrating that my release has been moved a few times now. Trust me, I feel you on this. But I also know that two weeks is practically nothing. A teeny, tiny dot. I hate that you have to wait through that dot, but I promise to make the wait fun. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Real Rejections

I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to do a post on actual rejections that GRAVITY received while querying, and let me tell you, this was painful. Painful! Some of the rejections were too personalized to post, but a few caused me to take pause and I hoped to share those with you.

Just a little history...

I wrote GRAVITY in roughly three months, revised for two months, and then began querying. My request rate was insane, so I thought I was onto something. Boy was I ever wrong. I queried too early. Way, way, way, way too early. I should have let the MS rest for a few months first. Well, after receiving valuable feedback from several agents, I rewrote GRAVITY from scratch. That was one of the best--and hardest--decisions I ever made.

I began querying again a few months after finishing that draft and ended up with multiple agent offers and an offer from Entangled. Lesson learned. :)

So...want to see some of the rejections that helped shape GRAVITY?  Here ya go!


Basic Rejections:

"I'm not sure aliens are salable, lovable or otherwise."

"This isn't for me."

"I'm not feeling enough passion to move forward."
(Sorry, this one made me laugh!)


The rejections that helped me rewrite the story:

"Why are you making this protagonist so stupid?"
(Plus lots of other comments that made me want to throw up--or cry. But this was a very important rejection. Ari went from a weak MC, to strong and capable and smart on her feet.)

"This feels too familiar. More world-building is needed."
(I received several rejections like this. So what did I do? I revamped my world to make it more futuristic and deepened the world. I found that it wasn't necessary to dump facts here and there. I could lace them into the story so the reader didn't feel overwhelmed.)


Now enough negativity. Want to see my offer?
I thought you might. :)

From Heather Howland, Senior Entangled Teen editor:

"I've finished reading GRAVITY and wow, what an awesome story!"
(This was sent two days after I sent the full MS to Heather. I couldn't believe it! At this point it still had to go to acquisitions, so I wasn't in the clear yet.)

"I have fabulous news! We've made it through the acquisition board and GRAVITY unanimously won us over. I'd love to chat with you as soon as you're available about my contract offer."
(The official offer.)

I hope this post helps! And definitely post any questions you have in the comments. I'll be as open about the process as I can.

~ Mel