Two years ago, I mentioned to my father (and no one else) that I wanted to write a book. Three months later, that book was written. One year after that, I started another book. A book he loved. A book he would call me daily to check on. Three months later, again, that book was written. And three months after that we found out he has Bladder Cancer.

He no longer reads my work, something that I admit breaks my heart, but I have high hopes that he will again one day. I have high hopes for a lot of things--success with chemo, remission, etc. etc. etc. I felt useless as to how I could help, until the idea occurred to me to contribute part of my earnings to the American Cancer Society, in hopes that with research we will one day be free of this disease.

So, I commit to donate 10% of my book earnings*, to be paid to the American Cancer Society promptly after I receive each royalty check. I will continue this through the life of the GRAVITY series as without my father this series would not exist.

All best wishes for a cure,

~ Melissa

* Please note that this is my book earnings and in no way involves my publisher, Entangled Publishing.
* Please also note that my "earnings" will include my royalty check minus taxes, because there's no avoiding them. :o)